The Digital Studies Workshop is an interdisciplinary forum committed to a critical engagement with digital-related knowledge. It is aimed at graduate students interested in the history, politics, and theory of digital culture, media, and information. Digital technologies have transformed the way we gain and access information, conceive of the public sphere, interact with popular culture, and function as global citizens. As a result, scholarly ideas of text, image, and social identity have increasingly been mediated by the digital environment, even as digital infrastructures offer new methodologies for research in the humanities.

Scholars in Communication Studies, English, Screen Arts and Cultures, American Cultures, and the School of Information (to name only a few) have long been interrogating aspects of digital culture — from video games and networked publics to cell phones and search engines — but only now are attempts being made to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas between disciplines. Working in collaboration with Digital Studies faculty, the Digital Studies Workshop will support the growth of digital studies-based research at Michigan by providing an interdisciplinary intellectual space in which to share methods and models for thinking about and studying digital culture. To this end, the workshop will provide graduate students and interested faculty with the opportunity to present their work in a supportive environment, discuss cutting-edge scholarship, and meet with leading scholars in the field from Michigan and abroad.


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