DS Writing Group: Managing Online Game Communities

The Digital Studies Workshop will host a Writing Group meeting to discuss the work-in-progress of our colleague Amanda Cote (Communication Studies), “Managing Online Game Communities: Lessons from Past Attempts, Players’ Experiences, and Workplace Strategies.”

When: November 20, 2015 at 12pm
Where: 3512 Haven Hall

What (Description of chapter):

As part of a social justice and video game studies book project, this chapter aims to address one of the key problems facing video game culture today–the negativity and aggression inherent in online game spaces. Using interview data, previous research on sexual harassment responses, and case studies of some community management strategies game companies have employed, it shows the weaknesses inherent in many existing approaches, the ways in which effective change can occur, and what tools can help this happen. Overall, the goal is to create online game spaces that are based in positive interactions and open, equal access for diverse players.